I love Bali (part 2); Enjoying Ecotourism Wirawana

 MY second day at Bali

I went to Wirawana with Mr . Aris for its Ecotourism. I did enjoy for the trip to see the rice field and the sceneries around.Mr Aris is a balinese guy that explained a lot about Bali, its tourism object, the society,etc. Many new knowledges I took on our conversation on the way to Wirawana.

One thing that I really like is, his commitment to keep the village still pure. In which they refused their village to build for villa for good reason. Not because they hate foreigner but the fact to preserve the village, just the way it is, is important so their children and grand grand children will be proud and see the village still prevented.

Here some pictures for ecotourism Wirawana;


The green rice field




The Car that use for see the scenary around


The traditional house

All pictures copy right by My Bali Outbound, http://www.mybalioutbound.com/


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