Staying at a Heritage Hotel of Singapore; AMOY hotel


 The wall of Amoy Hotel is unique

Staying at a heritage hotel in Singapore; Amoy hotel, I must say, It is unique hotel that I ever stayed!

The lobby is different than other hotel

When I entered this hotel, one thing that surprised me is the decoration of the wall. As information I got those are the surnames of the first Hakka and Cantonese immigrants that came to Singapore.

The hotel is actually a part of the Far East Square complex, which is a commercial building with various offices, shops and retail spaces. Fuk Tak Chi, and by extension Amoy, has a very central location along Telok Ayer Street, very close to the towering offices of the Central Business District and in an area close to many historical buildings. Just along Telok Ayer Street, you can find the famous Thian Hock Keng temple and Nagore Durgha shrine amongst others.

Like staying in a Museum hotel.


They provide for the old telephone, passport, etc


4 thoughts on “Staying at a Heritage Hotel of Singapore; AMOY hotel

  1. @ Sustainable Traveller: Thank you for your comment. I read your blog about PARKROYAL on Pickering. I must say it is very nice hotel. The Singapore’s highest rating for green buildings and the Solar Pioneer Award and some award that the hotel achieved showed how they really care about the environment. It make this hotel unique and eco friendly hotel.
    Anyway, I do enjoy for reading “green pearl” and already following your blog.

    Have a nice day!


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