Riding Horse at Bromo, Malang

Bromo 1My first time for riding horse, at Bromo Malang


Such an experience in my life!

My first time for riding a horse was at Bromo Mountain. I was scared for fell out at that time. I told my guide, no I don’t need to ride a horse, I want to walk but he recommended me for having a horse.

Bromo 2

My first time for riding horse, at Bromo Malang

I will not forget the moment how scary it was, but then be exciting. Thanks to my guide 🙂 





Enjoying sunset on afternoon walk, Waylinggo site- Wonosobo Lampung


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Lampung


Work far away from home

When my friends asked me where I’m working, I always surprised them with saying “in the jungle “. Then next question will be “Are you sure?” I replied quickly, “yes I am”.

The fact that a girl working in the jungle, far away from home, surprised my friend a lot but I never regret for taking my job now. Being a planner for a mining company of an Australian company, I feel proud of that.

Amazing sunset  

When I got my afternoon walk with friends here, I got many opportunities to see the sunset on site. It is so beautiful moment to see it. How amazing thing to see when the sun getting disappear then see the sky colors changing, its so beautiful moment.

Now I would like to share some of the photos of that, please enjoy.


Sunset view from Patching Plant, Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


I do love the blue and the orange color, the mountain, especially the feeling for seeing this moment. 


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


My pose (thanks to my friend Ade for taking this)

How beautiful workplace I had! Beautiful sunset and amazing moment.

I just love my life.










Orchard road Singapore; its history

orchard road1

Orchard Road, the famous road at Singapore always tempted me to back again. This year (2014) I’ve been there for 5 times.

Now I would like to share for its history, the source I took from wikipedia,


The History

Orchard Road was named for the orchards or plantations that the road formerly led to. Orchard Road got its name from the nutmegpepper and fruit orchards or the plantations that the road led to in the mid-1800s. Commercial development began in the twentieth century and took off in the 1970s. Orchard Road was already cut in the 1830s, though the new road was not named in George Coleman‘s 1836 Map of Singapore. In the 1830s the Orchard Road area was the scene of gambier and pepper plantations. Later, nutmeg plantations and fruit orchards predominated, hence its name.

By 1846, the spread of houses had reached up to Tank Road. There were none on the left side and only three or four houses went past Tank Road on the right side of Orchard Road. One major sight during this period was a Dr Jun tending his garden, which helped endorse the road’s name. He had a garden and plantation at the corner of what is now Scotts Road and Orchard Road.

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I love Bali (part 2); Enjoying Ecotourism Wirawana

 MY second day at Bali

I went to Wirawana with Mr . Aris for its Ecotourism. I did enjoy for the trip to see the rice field and the sceneries around.Mr Aris is a balinese guy that explained a lot about Bali, its tourism object, the society,etc. Many new knowledges I took on our conversation on the way to Wirawana.

One thing that I really like is, his commitment to keep the village still pure. In which they refused their village to build for villa for good reason. Not because they hate foreigner but the fact to preserve the village, just the way it is, is important so their children and grand grand children will be proud and see the village still prevented.

Here some pictures for ecotourism Wirawana;


The green rice field




The Car that use for see the scenary around


The traditional house

All pictures copy right by My Bali Outbound, http://www.mybalioutbound.com/

I love Bali ^_^ , how amazing island!

Bali is an amazing island! Yes it is true.

Today I was looking for more information about Bali because I plan for my 3rd holiday there and finally I got this site http://www.bali.com/, and agree for these sentences:

Bali is Unique. There is no other place like Bali. The Island of the Gods offers great beaches, countless waves for surfing and wonderful natural sites to visit and explore colorful ceremonies, and gifted artists. There is an unbelievably wide range of accommodation, restaurants, spas and world-class activities and shopping – all within close distance and at very fair prices. Choose from basic home-stays run by friendly Balinese families, 5 star beach resorts or luxurious, privately-serviced Bali villas with your private pool. 

Mei first holiday for Bali

My first holiday at Bali is unplanned holiday. I do thankful for My Bali Tour http://www.balitourpaket.com/ that helped me for arrange everything.

I stayed at Champlung Mas hotel -Legian for 7 days and love its swimming pool and especially for the roof pool. That place is very nice place for see the sunset.

roofpool- for sunset

Photo: Roof swimming pool for Champlung Mas hotel, Legian Bali

champlung mas

Photo: Swimming pool and bar pool for Champlung Mas hotel, Legian Bali

The deluxe room for this hotel is huge and has a view for the pool. It’s really nice! The fact that I stay alone when my holiday at Bali not making me sad but be more Excited.

champlung mas-deluxe Photo: Deluxe room for Champlung Mas hotel

Enjoy the first night at Bali

I just reached at hotel then received a phone call from my friend Nancy. She asked if I already at Bali the invited me to go for spending night life at Bali, “Awesome” I said. Nancy and her husband already at Bali for 3 days (for holiday too) they took villa and stayed at Seminyak area.

Sky Garden Roof Lounge

After took some photos in front of monument ground zero, we went for spending the night life at Sky Garden Roof Lounge. It is very nice place.


Photo: Sky Garden Bali, view form the road    

took photo from: http://www.starbalitour.com/skygardenlounge.php

sky garden1


More for Bali, will be post for next post.

Happy reading, and feel free to give comment, suggestion or addition.

15 things to do at Tomohon city; A city with beautiful landscapes and unique attractions

Tomohon is one of the city in North Sulawesi province of Indonesia country.
Let us find out the Tourism objects in Tomohon:

Tomohon adalah salah satu kota di Provinsi Sulawesi Utara di negara Indonesia.
Mari lihat Obyek wisata di Tomohon:

Do you love mountain and nature things? Let see these:

1. Hike mount Mount Mahawu

Located opposite direction to Mount Lokon-Empung in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, with height 1324 (4344 ft), mount Mahawu provide stunning scenery, with green Crater Lake and yellow sulfur. To start for hiking will be from Rurukan Vilage or from Kakaskasen.

Gunung Mahawu; Terletak berlawanan arah dari Gunung Lokon-Empung, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia, memiliki ketinggian 1.324 meter) diatas permukaan laut, memberikan pemandangan yang menakjubkan, dengan danau kawah berwarna hijau dengan kuning belerang. Awal pendakian bisa dimulai dari desa Rurukan atau dari Kakaskasen.

download (3)

photo; Mount Mahawu with its green crater lake.

 2. See Eco Tourism in Rural Rurukan 

Located to east of Tomohon, to the direction for Mahawu mountain, you may find the agricultural plots managed by locals traditionally.

Eco Tourism di Desa Rurukan: Terletak di Tomohon timur, ke lokasi gunung Mahawu lokasi agro, dengan lahan pertanian yang dikelola oleh masyarakat secara tradisional.


photo:  The eco tourism at Rurukan village, Tomohon


3. Hike Mount Lokon

This mountain’s height is 1,580 meters above sea level. As a remarkable active volcanoes that present a panoramic mountain with a very beautiful crater.

Important:  The status of the mountain is (SIAGA – Level 3)- (updated August 2014) so not allow to hiking for safety reason. Please consider the other mountain, Mahawu Mountain for do hiking.

Gunung Lokon; Ketinggian gunung ini adalah 1.580 meter dari permukaan laut. Lokon sebagai gunung berapi aktif yang luar biasa yang menyajikan panorama pegunungan dengan kawah yang sangat indah. Penting: Status gunung Lokon (SIAGA- Level 3)- (data update Agustus 2014) untuk alasan keselamatan tidak diijinkan untuk pendakian. Cobalah mendaki gunung Mahawu untuk mendaki.

 download (4)

photo:  Mount Lokon view from Kakaskasen village, Tomohon

 4. Enjoy for sitting and feel the atmosphere of Lake Linow

This small lake is unique because it contains high levels of sulfur has an ever-changing color depending on the viewing angle and lighting lake.

Lake Linow; Danau kecil ini unik karena mengandung kadar belerang tinggi memiliki warna yang selalu berubah tergantung pada sudut dimana anda melihat dan pencahayaan.


photo:  The changing color lake- Linau Lake, Lahendong

 mei at linau2

photo:  My pose on Linau Lake, Lahendong, (photo took on June 2014)

 mei at linau

My pose on Linau Lake, Lahendong, (photo took on June 2014)

5. See Waterfalls “Tumimperas” at Pinaras village

The waterfall is located in the village Tumimperas Pinaras South Tomohon sub district. It surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

Air Terjun “Tumimperas” Pinaras : Air terjun ini terletak di desa Tumimperas Pinaras Selatan Tomohon kecamatan. Dikelilingi oleh pemandangan alam yang indah.

 business-images-122.lphoto:  The waterfall “Tumimperas” , Pinaras village, Tomohon


6. See forest Tourism Lahendong (do for hot spring bath)

The forest pines that surrounded by natural hot springs and sulfur mud mixed with natural hot spring.

Hutan Wisata Lahendong : Hamparan hutan pinus yang dikelilingi oleh air panas alami dan lumpur belerang.



photo:  The pines forest at Lahendong, Tomohon


7. See Waterfalls Tapahan Telu at Tinoor 

The unique waterfall that has three waterfalls with the same height 50 m, around the waterfall is the protected forests for black monkey habitat. It is an ideal place to test the guts for nature lovers as well as lovers of challenging sport suck as rock climbing.

Air Terjun Tapahan Telu Tinoor : Air terjun ini memiliki air terjun yang unik yang memiliki tiga air terjun dengan ketinggian yang sama 50 m, sekitar air terjun adalah hutan lindung untuk habitat monyet hitam. Sangat cocok untuk menguji nyali untuk pecinta alam serta pecinta olahraga menantang  seperti panjat tebing.


photo:  The waterfall “Tapahan Telu” , Tinoor  village, Tomohon

8. See Lokon mount from Bukit Inspirasi Tomohon 

It is located in the Village Kakaskasen III North Tomohon sub district. From the top of this hill we can see the natural beauty with majestic Mount Lokon. This place ideal also to see the beauty of the sunset.

Inspirasi bukit Tomohon : Terletak di Kakaskasen III Tomohon Utara. Dari atas bukit ini kita dapat melihat keindahan alam dengan panorama Gunung Lokon. Tempat juga ideal untuk melihat keindahan matahari terbenam.

 mei at bukit inspirasi tomohon

 photo:  My sister and I pose at Bukit Inspirasi, (photo took on June 2014)

9. Enjoy the view from Prayer Hill Kakaskasen 

This location is often visited by pilgrims. Located at Kakaskasen. At the top, there is a beautiful church usually use by the pilgrims.

Bukit Doa Kakaskasen: Lokasi ini sering dikunjungi oleh para peziarah.Teletak di Kakaskasen. Di atas, terdapat gereja yang indah yang digunakan oleh para peziarah.

 download (5)

photo:  Church at Bukit Doa, Kakaskasen, Tomohon

Others attractive things in Tomohon, let check it out :

10. Buy flowers that sell on the main road at Kakaskasen

At Kakaskasen main road you can enjoy a variety of potted plants and cut flowers that placed in stalls and offered to visitors. These flowers are beautiful and colorful.

Bunga-bunga yang dijual di Jalan Utama Kakaskasen: Di Jalan Utama Kakaskasen dapat dilihat berbagai tanaman pot dan bunga potong di jual kepada pengunjung. Bunga-bunga tersebut sangat indah dan beraneka warna.

130311-1517(004) 130311-1518(001)

photos:  Flowers that sell on Kakaskasen main road

11. Buy handicrafts made from Bamboo at Kinilow

Moven bamboo in Kinilow: This location is on sub district Kinilow village. It is the entrance to Tomohon. Various handicrafts, traditional woven like a hat made ​​of bamboo growers, fruit basket, place the lamp on sale to visitors. Bamboo is also used as a cooking medium minahasa cuisine.

Anyaman bambu di Kinilow : Lokasi ini di Kecamatan Tomohon Utara Desa Kinilow. Ini adalah pintu masuk ke Tomohon. Berbagai kerajinan, tenun tradisional seperti topi yang terbuat dari bambu, keranjang buah, tempat lampu dijual kepada pengunjung. Bambu juga digunakan sebagai media memasak di Minahasa.


photo:  Moven Bamboo sell at Kinilow, Tomohon


12. See the old church “Sion” Tomohon

It is an old European-style architecture building as work of Dutch architecture. Based on the writing and the numbers on the bell, probably this church built on 1878 by the missionary from Dutch and the people at the time.

Gereja tua Sion: Gereja ini adalah gereja tua dengan arsitektur bangunan bergaya Eropa sebagai karya arsitektur dari Belanda. Berdasarkan tulisan dan angka tahun pada Lonceng Gereja, kemungkinan Gereja Sion ini didirikan pada tahun 1878 oleh Penginjil Belanda dan Jemaat pada waktu itu.


photo:  The Old Church “Sion Church Tomohon”

13. See Pagoda Ekayana at Kakaskasen 

Standing majestically on the Village Kaskasken Two, Pagoda has become one of the important icons for Tomohon. Aside from being a place of worship for Buddhists, the temple caretaker Ekayana also managed to bring together the harmony of nature and their environment very well.

Pagoda Ekayana : Berdiri megah di Desa Kaskasken Dua, Pagoda telah menjadi salah satu ikon penting bagi Tomohon. Selain sebagai tempat ibadah bagi umat Buddha, penjaga kuil Ekayana juga berhasil menyatukan harmoni alam dan lingkungan mereka dengan sangat baik

pagoda ekayana photo:  Pagoda Ekayana, at Kakaskasen, Tomohon

14. See the houses Wooden Stage at Woloan

The making of a traditional wooden house located in Woloan. Home using a knock-down system is designed to be removing and be rebuilding in a place desired by the buyer.

Rumah Panggung Kayu: Pembuatan rumah kayu tradisional yang terletak di desa Woloan. Rumah yang menggunakan sistem knock-down ini dirancang untuk dibongkar pasang, dibangun kembali di tempat yang diinginkan oleh pembeli.

images (2) 

photos:  Wooden houses that sell at Woloan, Tomohon

15. See the extreme Tomohon Traditional Market (Not for animal lover 🙂 )

Tomohon Market is the largest traditional market in Minahasa. There sold various types of food and different types of meat including: beef, pork, dog, tree rats, bats and chickens

Tomohon Pasar Tradisional : Tomohon pasar adalah pasar tradisional terbesar di Minahasa. Dijual berbagai jenis makanan dan jenis daging termasuk: daging sapi, babi, anjing, tikus pohon, kelelawar dan ayam.


 photo:  Rat sell in the market (photo took on June 2014)

16. See Tomohon Flower Festival 

The most interesting of tourism activities in Tomohon.

Tomohon Flower Festival : Kegiatan pariwisata Tomohon yang paling menarik.

Main Events for 2014:

  • Tournament of Flowers: 8 Agustus 2014
  • Flower Queen Contest: 7 – 11 Agustus 2014
  • Tourism, Trade, Investment, and Floriculture Expo: 8 – 12 Agustus 2014
  • Festival Seni dan Budaya Nusantara: 8 – 12 Agustus 2014

Well those are the object tourism that I found at Tomohon, enjoy Tomohon.

For more details for each tourism object, I will explain on my field report.

Keep smile, be happy, full of love, and enjoy this amazing life!


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