Nyuh Bali Villa – one of Luxury villa at Seminyak

Nyuh Bali Villa (13)

Most the traveler that come to Bali prefer to staying at a hotel. For one time (or more) just consider for staying at villa, feel the different. Staying at villa as some people said it will be more expensive, but consider the private holiday for your own then all the luxury things that you’ll get.

Staying for 19 days at Nyuh Bali villa was a wonderful experience for me. Christmas and New Year 2014 was a very wonderful moment for me. It was my second time for Bali, then every year Bali always calling me to come back again ^_^.

These things that making me really enjoy for staying at Nyuh Bali Villa;

1. The staff is very polite.

2. They got very nice private pool.

3. They got butler (for serving the food) at your villa, so you no need to get breakfast with other quest.

3. Very nice bed and comfort one.

5. They do two times for housekeeping. So if you get out for dinner, you come back then the bed and everything already neat.

6. They provide lazy chairs outside. Love it.

7. I got Christmas  from management ^_^ with Santa on the cake, Lovely.

8. I do love the bath up, very comfort and nice one.

And many more 🙂 .

Here some photos I took while at Nyuh Bali Villa.

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RATES (by March 2015) :

One-bedroom Pool Villa

Equally set on the area of some 120 square meters of land, this villa category also gives the same privacy and convenience, but without being equipped with gazebo. Other facilities are the same as those of One-bedroom Deluxe Pool Villa.

Published rate : USD 375 ++
One-bedroom Deluxe Pool Villa

Set across some 120 square meters, this room type can give a better comfort as equipped with a gazebo for relaxing while luxuriating in the surrounding atmosphere. Other supporting facilities shoring up the coziness are such as the air conditioning, satellite TV channel, LCD TV, in-villa Wi-Fi Internet access and mini bar.

Published rate : USD 425 ++

Jalan Bali Deli No. 99 – Seminyak, Bali 80361
Tel: (0361) 738920 Fax: (0361) 730446
Email: info@nyuhbalivillas.com


Enjoying Kiluan Gulf, Lampung, not only for dolphin but more than that


Seeing dolphin at Sea World or other place (not natural one) is usual. How about seeing them on the high sea by using small boat, it will be a great experience. On 2014, I had that experience.

Gulf Kiluan in Kiluan village, district Kelumbayan, Tanggamus- Lampung. For those who don’t know Lampung, It is a city in Sumatra Island- Indonesia. The journey to the Gulf Kiluan will be challenge for travelers. Road on the West Coast of Sumatra was not too smooth, but since you see the dolphin and all the natural things, it is worth it. The beaches in the Gulf Kiluan suitable to be used as “Getaway Destination”.

Travelers who are interested to watching Dolphins on the high sea – or in their natural habitat could hire outrigger boat.  Visitors can enjoy the beauty of dancing dolphins by the boat in the direction of the ocean. From the distance, the dolphin fin antenna-like submarine. After the close, dolphins were jumping, diving turn, raised sink, almost no distance by boat. They seemed to show himself to the human race and an easy touch. Dolphins that looked very cute, wish it was hugging and kissing them.


There are two types of dolphins in these waters, the first species is Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) with a larger body and shy. The second species is Part Length Dolphins (Stenella Longirostris) are smaller stature and happy jump. Happy dolphins approaching boats or ships passing in the sea. This area is also famous for its natural beauty and a haven for anglers reliable. Fishing competition held every year in the Gulf Kiluan followed by masters anglers throughout Indonesia.



Not only enjoying dolphin you also can go around the island by outrigger boat while enjoying the beautiful scenery. In the afternoon, you can see the black and hairy primates shrill shouted to each other. Yes, gibbon (Symphalangus Syndactylus) and Hoop (Presbythis Melalops) as well as the slow loris (Nycticebus Coucang). Very often seen jumping from one tree to another. birds singing was heard in almost every morning and afternoon were able to soothe the mind. If lucky, Travelers also get to watch the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) and Hawksbill (Eretmochelys Imbricate), which at certain times to pull over to the beach.

Lodging Facility
Lodging facilities in the Gulf Kiluan very limited. On the island there is only one home Kiluan stage is used as a homestay. Very minimal facilities, the electricity used is a simple generator that illuminates very limited (110V). Another alternative is to stay in a home stay in the Gulf Kiluan (mainland), with the condition that it should be better.

photos took from Tempo, sharing informationblogspot. Kinds of dolphin, tooked from; liburan wisata.

Here some photos of mine for the trip;

Trip to Kiluan (56) Trip to Kiluan (60) Trip to Kiluan (73) Trip to Kiluan (77) Trip to Kiluan (80)


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Enjoying sunset on afternoon walk, Waylinggo site- Wonosobo Lampung


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Lampung


Work far away from home

When my friends asked me where I’m working, I always surprised them with saying “in the jungle “. Then next question will be “Are you sure?” I replied quickly, “yes I am”.

The fact that a girl working in the jungle, far away from home, surprised my friend a lot but I never regret for taking my job now. Being a planner for a mining company of an Australian company, I feel proud of that.

Amazing sunset  

When I got my afternoon walk with friends here, I got many opportunities to see the sunset on site. It is so beautiful moment to see it. How amazing thing to see when the sun getting disappear then see the sky colors changing, its so beautiful moment.

Now I would like to share some of the photos of that, please enjoy.


Sunset view from Patching Plant, Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


I do love the blue and the orange color, the mountain, especially the feeling for seeing this moment. 


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


My pose (thanks to my friend Ade for taking this)

How beautiful workplace I had! Beautiful sunset and amazing moment.

I just love my life.










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