Orchard road Singapore; its history

orchard road1

Orchard Road, the famous road at Singapore always tempted me to back again. This year (2014) I’ve been there for 5 times.

Now I would like to share for its history, the source I took from wikipedia,


The History

Orchard Road was named for the orchards or plantations that the road formerly led to. Orchard Road got its name from the nutmegpepper and fruit orchards or the plantations that the road led to in the mid-1800s. Commercial development began in the twentieth century and took off in the 1970s. Orchard Road was already cut in the 1830s, though the new road was not named in George Coleman‘s 1836 Map of Singapore. In the 1830s the Orchard Road area was the scene of gambier and pepper plantations. Later, nutmeg plantations and fruit orchards predominated, hence its name.

By 1846, the spread of houses had reached up to Tank Road. There were none on the left side and only three or four houses went past Tank Road on the right side of Orchard Road. One major sight during this period was a Dr Jun tending his garden, which helped endorse the road’s name. He had a garden and plantation at the corner of what is now Scotts Road and Orchard Road.

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