4 Important things when do Modeling Photography

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I did enjoy my last photo session with my photographer Veldy. The time for express myself, and be a good model, it such a amazing moment.

Here I share some tips I took from tipsphotography.net ;

4 Important things when do Modeling Photography

1. Expression: Create a pleasant expression on the models, control each element. The task is to break the ice so that the photographer may obtained the expressions are natural and attractive. As we all know every person has strengths and weaknesses. The task of the photographer when shooting models is to reduce, eliminate weaknesses in objects so the show is the interesting part. Need patience in taking good moments. Difference 30 seconds can produce images with a different mode than before or afterwards.

2. Gesture or attitude / Body Movement: The movement of the body while posing models should be as attractive as possible. If any part of the body that is less proportional regarded as a weakness, less favored by people who saw the photo, it needs to be eliminated from the corner that can take cover weaknesses. Take a picture of the face (close-up) of the easiest, photographed half-body is rather difficult, and most difficult to photograph the entire body due to direct posture and should eliminate the many objects that are not needed.

3. Harmony with Background: The background can make a beautiful photo, but can also make a photo model is broken. If the disturbing background, the general term object leak, it can be obscured by wide aperture setting small F number. if it can not be taken greater obscured (close-up) to remove unwanted parts. Adjustments to the background is an important consideration in photography.

4. Lighting: Photography is the part of the play of light. So the key to photography should try to be clever play the light, strong and weak light control. The shadow on the photo to be controlled, without a shadow of photos was dead. Retrieval of the right direction would make an interesting photo. The worst lighting source is a flash / camera flash built perpendicular direction from the camera to the object.

Hope this tips helps, happy hunting, enjoy for taking photo ^_^

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