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Life is a journey and it’s amazing. When you do travel, do exploration, see something new, feel the nature, it making you alive. I knew that we may travel as far as we want, as often that we want, all is about the decision. It might be life-changing experiences for you. Being solo traveler or travel with the one you love and have a thriving relationship, and you can create a strong life-long bond through the shared memories of travel.

On this site, I would like to share everything. About all things that I ever seen, feel, touch, travel or explore. It’s all about life, and your small decision, could change something.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Meilan Pontoh, a newbie blogger, outdoor adventure, natural lover, a guide, a traveler. I love to find new experience, try new thing that I ever not do before.

I really believe that this life is amazing. Full of things we have to explore, protect, thankful, so we do enjoy and be happy for everything. Enjoying time with amazing person, at amazing place, sharing all thing will making us realize ‘Totally Amazing Life and Love” that we got.

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I would like share the positive things on my site. I would like that the reader on  my site will be happier get the passion to enjoy the time doing important thing, do smart and interesting thing. It may make our live richer and more meaningful.

Life is too short for not to do amazing thing! Fill this life with thankful and Smile ^_^


Please feel free to leave comment and Happy Reading!


Regards and Love





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