Enjoying sunset on afternoon walk, Waylinggo site- Wonosobo Lampung


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Lampung


Work far away from home

When my friends asked me where I’m working, I always surprised them with saying “in the jungle “. Then next question will be “Are you sure?” I replied quickly, “yes I am”.

The fact that a girl working in the jungle, far away from home, surprised my friend a lot but I never regret for taking my job now. Being a planner for a mining company of an Australian company, I feel proud of that.

Amazing sunset  

When I got my afternoon walk with friends here, I got many opportunities to see the sunset on site. It is so beautiful moment to see it. How amazing thing to see when the sun getting disappear then see the sky colors changing, its so beautiful moment.

Now I would like to share some of the photos of that, please enjoy.


Sunset view from Patching Plant, Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


I do love the blue and the orange color, the mountain, especially the feeling for seeing this moment. 


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


Sunset view from Waylinggo site, Wonosobo Lampung


My pose (thanks to my friend Ade for taking this)

How beautiful workplace I had! Beautiful sunset and amazing moment.

I just love my life.